Creepy Craft Competition.

Create a Halloween masterpiece using one of our fabrics and win a set of 2 cushions and a free roll of Christmas wrapping paper.

To celebrate the coming months to the end of 2019 we have a range of exclusive seasonal products on the horizon. Alongside this we are running a set of competitions with the idea of inspiring creativity to see some of the wonderful things are customers can create.

To spice the pot we’ve put together a bunch of discounts and give-away prizes to be won. This includes: A 15% discount on our Halloween fabrics, A set of 2 – 40cm x 40cm patterned (your choice of pattern) cushions and a free roll of our up incoming Christmas wrapping paper.

Scroll down to see the full steps to our competition.

How to enter.

To enter and win all you have to do is follow these simple steps.

  1. Order a roll of our fabric using the discount code: HALLOWEEN to get 15% off the order.
  2. Use our fabric to create something really cool, this could be a costume, a decoration, a dress or something for the house.
  3. Post a photograph of your creation online with any of the following tags: @patternco_uk (Instagram) – @patterncouk (Twitter) – @patternco.uk (Facebook)
  4. We’ll pick our favorite on the 31st of October. Send the winner a message and there you go.

Woven Canvas 300gsm

Poly-based tightly woven fabric using a plain closed weave construction, well known for its strength and durability.

Oil Cloth 274gsm

Made from 100% Cotton half-Panama. A chic matte finish that is waterproof and can be wiped clean.

Monroe Satin 160gsm

A beautiful satin faced twill that will flow through your hands. The tight weave of the satin retains warmth, strength and durability


The September update – new beginnings, new designs and great offers

Welcome to part 1 of ‘getting to know the people who run Patternco series’… Yes we are an engaged couple trying to build a business together. Join us for the good, bad and everything in between of our business and travels.

— W.

Hi, I’m D, co-founder of Pattern Co and fiancée to W (the creative behind the patterns). I’m so excited to welcome you on our journey with Pattern Co and feel that a key part of that journey is for you all to understand who D and W are.

Over the next month we will be answering some general questions so that you can get to know us. We also want to make this blog interactive so, at the end of each blog, we will let you vote on what questions you would like us to answer next. That way you get to know us and we in turn get to know about you.

To make things fair, we have both answered these questions without the other, so we were both interested to read the other’s answer in their words.

So, here goes: –

Question 1 – How did you meet?

W: My ex girlfriend and good friend worked with D and set us up texting each other. One thing led to another and we went on a date. That’s about it really.

D: We were introduced by a mutual friend, who also happens to be W’s high school girlfriend. We texted for over a week before our first date so it was kind of a blind date.

Question 2 – What is the most memorable part of your first date?

W: I remember the whole date perfectly, except for what food we ordered. For me the most memorable moment would have to be our first kiss outside the restaurant because of how nervous at dropping the conversation I was beforehand – so I just went for it. At that moment, and after it; those nerves washed away, and we became so much more relaxed in conversation at the next bar. However, one moment sticks in my mind after our first kiss that always makes me chuckle; when we went back to the car and spent maybe a little too much time in the car park, only to find ourselves locked in.

D: Our first kiss. It wasn’t expected, it took me by surprise and that’s what makes it perfect. It was after we had dinner, we were leaving the restaurant to go get some drinks. I remember wondering if he liked me in that way because we had got on so well, but I wasn’t sure if it was in a romantic way. He just reached for my hand, twirled me slightly and kissed me. As they say the rest is history.

We probably won’t post pictures of ourselves on here. Try and keep some things private at least.

Question 3 – What made you start Pattern Co.?

W: I always loved creating patterns, repetition in art calms me and I find myself to be more receptive to them, be it visually or through sound. I find myself daydreaming focusing on something I see or hear and deconstructing the patterns within them. Picking up on the timing of a certain sound or noticing patterns in everyday life like manhole covers.

Since graduating from university I’ve tried so many different ways to achieve financial self-sustainability, some work – some don’t and some need more work. But creating patterns was something I would do when I got the chance to relax. The defining moment for starting Patternco was an inebriated NYE with D where we got on the topic of doing what you love.  

D: For me, Pattern Co is a way to help W live his dream. I’ve never really been passionate about anything, but meeting W and seeing him talk about design, the intricacies of it, how it makes him feel, it was amazing. His passion and love of great design was infectious. So, I suppose, I wanted to start Pattern Co to encourage him to follow his passions. He had always been a designer and when I bought my house furniture shopping inspired him. Yes, we had joked about designing wallpaper before, as maybe that being his niche, but while I was shopping for wallpaper I realized the potential.

Check out our range of
quality wallpapers.

Why interiors?

W: I’m a bit of an introvert, home to me is where I’m probably my most comfortable. I like to be surrounded by things that trigger my creativity and lets me flourish in my weirdness without any worries, so creating a space is important to me. I chose to go with creating patterns for interiors because I wanted to give people the same feeling of comfort and creativity.

D: Like I said because it’s something we both agree on to a large extent. Fair enough, I am quite girly and like more neutral looks, but I can appreciate bolder designs and I love to play devil’s advocate when picking out designs.

Our wallpaper patterns are also featured on a great range of cushions.

Our designs really are important to us so we would love to know what you think. Also, anyone else notice how similar our answers are? I promise they were not written together.

Comment below or complete the survey here and join the conversation, let us know what questions you would like us to answer, what designs you would like to see and what your general thoughts on Pattern Co are.

About us

Raised from humble beginnings

Pattern. Co was formed by a graphic designer and paralegal couple who were looking to deck their new homes with a splash of personality. Based in the North East, UK we formed this brand as a result of our family and friends increasing compliments of our work, so really we have them to thank for taking the first steps into creating a business.

Est. New Years Eve 2018

The Pattern. Co brand was conceived during a slightly intoxicated conversation on New Year Eve 2018 about making our personal home ideas accessible to a wider audience. Pattern. Co was then officially made public April 2019, after three months of developing initial concepts, branding and business plans.

Our company ethos is to “change the patterns of life” not just for ourselves but for everyone who joins us on this journey. Mad about creating bold patterns for the bold we are dedicated to exploring, curating and providing our customers with exciting patterns and home products of the finest quality and value.

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